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Drugstore foundations

I have combination skin, it has been more dry since I am pregnant so I have had to step out of my normal matte only make up! Typically I am pretty oily in my T zone.  I really like Sonja Kashuk foundations around $13 at Target.  They don’t have a huge color selection, I mix two colors to achieve my color.  It goes on well and works with my oily and dry skin.  I use a primer also.  The wet’n’wild foundation is amazing, especially at $6! Love the coverage and finish.  The L’Oréal  infallible matte ($11) is really good also, but kinda drying on my cheeks.  My skin is normally not this drying so probably revert back once I’m not prego! The L’Oréal lumi ($10) is really nice also, but where I get oily I don’t use it on because it does tends to break up, even with a primer and setting powder.  

Open Shoulder Top & Black Jeans

This top….<3 I own it in 2 colors.  Black and taupe.  It is really light-weight, and comfy.  This top is from forever and they have other colors available.  It also comes in a dress.  I think it is such a cute top and perfect for fall, spring, and summer.  It would look great with some destroyed denim or shorts! My jeans are gap and shoes are vince camuto.  I love these shoes.  They are so comfortable.  They have a chunky heel that makes it easy to walk in 🙂 until next time….xoxo


Colour Pop Lip Products

I just recently tried colour pop lip products.  Their price point is really affordable ($5-$6) can’t beat that! I really like their lip products.  I haven’t tried their other products yet but so far I am a fan.  They offer $5 off for new subscribers & free shipping for spending over $30 in the US.  I did not buy anything in their matte line because my lips gets so chapped so I went with the satin lip finish instead.  I also tried a lippiestix and a lip liner.  The lip liner is really moist and I often use it all over my lips.  I have received so many compliments on the color.  I bought mine in “oh snap”.  It last really well too.  If my lips start to feel dry I throw a gloss over. (I have really chapped lips.  I constantly use a lip scrub and chapstick every night.)  I tend to favor pinky nudes.  I have not really gone really bold in lip colors.  The satin lip is in the color “alyssa” and it is really nice also, not over drying.  The lippiestix is in the color “konichiwa” from their hello kitty line.  I just bought it bc of hello kitty. haha – The color is a little too bright for me personally but it is a nice color and formula.  Maybe I will brave the color soon 🙂 overall review on colour pop lip products….thumbs up from me! For the price point you really can’t beat it! img_1359fullsizerender-11

Drugstore contour & highlight

I love to highlight my face and contour my nose!!!! nothing crazy but a nice natural glow and natural shade on my nose to slim it up a bit.  I really like Catrice contour ($7.99) .  It is nice and natural, easy to blend.  I don’t love the highlight with this, it is OK.  I really like the Essence pure nude highlighter ($4.49).  It is really buttery and natural looking.  The best part is the price.  🙂  I think if you are starting out trying out highlighting and contouring these are great affordable products.  Wet’n’wild contour palette (lighter one) is nice and natural also.

Favorite Concealers

I use concealer pretty much everyday.  I have tried a few drugstore concealers.  My top 3 concealers are the Tarte shape tape concealers, MAC prolongwear, and maybelline better skin!! I don’t think tarte is “high end” (like Chanel or Dior) but it is more expensive than drugstore brands.  It retails for $24.  The MAC prolongwear retails at $22, & the Maybelline better skin one is about $8.99 (I snagged 2 for $.5.58 each on clearance at Target)

The Tarte & MAC are full coverage, blendable, and last all day.  I use a face primer and setting spray if I am going out or going to be out all day.  The Maybelline isn’t quiet as full coverage but I think it is a great everyday concealer.  I wear it to work since I don’t want to look like cake face at work.  I set my concealer with a powder.  I have pretty oily skin/combo.  The hardest spot for me to stay matte or not lifting is around my nose.

worth the splurge? Yes but I use a drugstore one for most day to day looks so it keeps the overall spending on concealer down! or if you don’t really go out maybe skip the pricier ones.

I have tried N.Y.C., maybelline instant age, and fit me more recently and the instant age is nice but the better skin I think has been the best.

Floppy Hat & Leopard Scarf

Hello! I recently purchased a floppy hat and I love it!  I think it is a great accessory to add to an outfit and change things up a bit! & you can stay warm with a har (although, I don’t really need to worry about that)

I think every girl needs a floppy hat and a leopard scarf for their wardrobe.  Just a little something to add to an outfit.  I try to not spend a lot on items that aren’t a staple piece for me.

Pic was taken in Collierville, TN

Scarf: Forever 21

Hat: Old Navy

Affordable Bomber Jacket

I live in Tampa FL & it doesn’t really get that cold here.  I don’t really like spending a lot on jackets and such since I don’t get a lot of use out of them.  I found this bomber jacket at HM & I LOVE IT! It keeps me warm, I can wear a short sleeve under or long sleeves, and it is super cute.  It comes in a ton of colors too! It originally came in a handful of colors, but when I ordered another jacket they added a few more colors.  I bought it in black and the olive green.  I used a promo code for 15% off for signing up for their emails.  They mailed me a thank you postcard with 40% off & FREE shipping! So I bought another jacket 🙂 The quilted sleeves are super cute and add an edgy vibe to the jacket.  For the price – $34.99 you can’t beat it! HM Bomber Jacket HM sizes I feel run a bit small so I went up a size and ordered a 10.  I felt like a 12 would have worked also.  I am really happy with this jacket!

Designer Jeans – worth the money??


Are designer jeans worth the money? I’d say….YES! I have owned seven, citizens, hudson, true religion, AG, and joe jeans to list a few….and I really love the way designer jeans wear and fit.  The only gripe is I usually have to get them hemmed.  Recently I have found some skinny or ankle skinny jeans I have not required to get hemmed (so its nice to save $$$).  I try to get them on sale at nordstrom or at the outlets.  You can find some at NordRACK for $80, which isn’t too bad considering GAP jeans run $80.

It is not to say you can’t find a good pair of jeans that are inexpensive.  I really like GAP jeans!  They always have sales so I try to buy them only on sale and not regular price.  $80 for jeans I would rather buy a pair of Paige jeans.  I ordered some a few months ago for $12! Yes $12, they were on sale and an additional 40% off.  I found a pair of old navy jeans I really like Old Navy Rockstar mid-rise skinny jeans.  They fit really nice and wash nicely.  I also bought the same jeans in black and they have faded so much and do not wear the same.  I feel like it is hit or miss.  I had a pair of jeans from forever 21 I really liked also, but I have had some I hated.  I think you can definitely find some nice inexpensive jeans but you have to search for them and test them out!

Overall, invest some money into a nice pair of jeans.  You don’t need a closet full (unless it is your thing) but have one or two go to jeans that you know will always work for you.



Winter in Florida

Living in Florida – it doesn’t really require much winter attire.  It is still getting to the 80s during the day.  I really love wearing boots and scarves! I found a great green faux suede jacket at forever 21.  I didn’t want to spend too much since I wouldn’t get to wear it much.  I really love the color!! 108

Jacket –

Boots –

Jeans – Joe Jean’s

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