I just recently tried colour pop lip products.  Their price point is really affordable ($5-$6) can’t beat that! I really like their lip products.  I haven’t tried their other products yet but so far I am a fan.  They offer $5 off for new subscribers & free shipping for spending over $30 in the US.  I did not buy anything in their matte line because my lips gets so chapped so I went with the satin lip finish instead.  I also tried a lippiestix and a lip liner.  The lip liner is really moist and I often use it all over my lips.  I have received so many compliments on the color.  I bought mine in “oh snap”.  It last really well too.  If my lips start to feel dry I throw a gloss over. (I have really chapped lips.  I constantly use a lip scrub and chapstick every night.)  I tend to favor pinky nudes.  I have not really gone really bold in lip colors.  The satin lip is in the color “alyssa” and it is really nice also, not over drying.  The lippiestix is in the color “konichiwa” from their hello kitty line.  I just bought it bc of hello kitty. haha – The color is a little too bright for me personally but it is a nice color and formula.  Maybe I will brave the color soon 🙂 overall review on colour pop lip products….thumbs up from me! For the price point you really can’t beat it! img_1359fullsizerender-11