I use concealer pretty much everyday.  I have tried a few drugstore concealers.  My top 3 concealers are the Tarte shape tape concealers, MAC prolongwear, and maybelline better skin!! I don’t think tarte is “high end” (like Chanel or Dior) but it is more expensive than drugstore brands.  It retails for $24.  The MAC prolongwear retails at $22, & the Maybelline better skin one is about $8.99 (I snagged 2 for $.5.58 each on clearance at Target)

The Tarte & MAC are full coverage, blendable, and last all day.  I use a face primer and setting spray if I am going out or going to be out all day.  The Maybelline isn’t quiet as full coverage but I think it is a great everyday concealer.  I wear it to work since I don’t want to look like cake face at work.  I set my concealer with a powder.  I have pretty oily skin/combo.  The hardest spot for me to stay matte or not lifting is around my nose.

worth the splurge? Yes but I use a drugstore one for most day to day looks so it keeps the overall spending on concealer down! or if you don’t really go out maybe skip the pricier ones.

I have tried N.Y.C., maybelline instant age, and fit me more recently and the instant age is nice but the better skin I think has been the best.