I live in Tampa FL & it doesn’t really get that cold here.  I don’t really like spending a lot on jackets and such since I don’t get a lot of use out of them.  I found this bomber jacket at HM & I LOVE IT! It keeps me warm, I can wear a short sleeve under or long sleeves, and it is super cute.  It comes in a ton of colors too! It originally came in a handful of colors, but when I ordered another jacket they added a few more colors.  I bought it in black and the olive green.  I used a promo code for 15% off for signing up for their emails.  They mailed me a thank you postcard with 40% off & FREE shipping! So I bought another jacket 🙂 The quilted sleeves are super cute and add an edgy vibe to the jacket.  For the price – $34.99 you can’t beat it! HM Bomber Jacket HM sizes I feel run a bit small so I went up a size and ordered a 10.  I felt like a 12 would have worked also.  I am really happy with this jacket!