Are designer jeans worth the money? I’d say….YES! I have owned seven, citizens, hudson, true religion, AG, and joe jeans to list a few….and I really love the way designer jeans wear and fit.  The only gripe is I usually have to get them hemmed.  Recently I have found some skinny or ankle skinny jeans I have not required to get hemmed (so its nice to save $$$).  I try to get them on sale at nordstrom or at the outlets.  You can find some at NordRACK for $80, which isn’t too bad considering GAP jeans run $80.

It is not to say you can’t find a good pair of jeans that are inexpensive.  I really like GAP jeans!  They always have sales so I try to buy them only on sale and not regular price.  $80 for jeans I would rather buy a pair of Paige jeans.  I ordered some a few months ago for $12! Yes $12, they were on sale and an additional 40% off.  I found a pair of old navy jeans I really like Old Navy Rockstar mid-rise skinny jeans.  They fit really nice and wash nicely.  I also bought the same jeans in black and they have faded so much and do not wear the same.  I feel like it is hit or miss.  I had a pair of jeans from forever 21 I really liked also, but I have had some I hated.  I think you can definitely find some nice inexpensive jeans but you have to search for them and test them out!

Overall, invest some money into a nice pair of jeans.  You don’t need a closet full (unless it is your thing) but have one or two go to jeans that you know will always work for you.